Julie J. Fitzsimmons (aka Jules) has been working as an independent Casting Director in Toronto since 2004. She has earned an outstanding reputation for not only identifying great talent from within the professional ranks, but also for finding hidden gems who have little to no experience and moulding them into great on-air talent. Her finger is on the pulse when it comes to finding colourful guests for reality shows. One terrific example being Fanatical’s Father Jim Paisley from Scranton PA and his rectory covered in “I Love Lucy” paraphernalia. In addition, Julie’s expansive experience ranges from breakdancers for Adidas, to Sumo wrestlers for Stride Gum, to the typical “family next door”. Through her long-term relationship with the MuchMusic Creative Department, Julie has successfully met challenges with several unique and obscure castings that qualify her for any conceivable opportunity. Her work has played a role in over 20 award-winning promos, including multiple Promax Awards, a Gemini nomination for guest hosting with Daily Planet, a Gemini Nomination, as well as a Gold Remi for On-Screen Talent and Television Series/Comedy for Ed’s Up.